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The gardens, vineyards, olive groves and other areas surrounding the farmhouse contribute to make unique moments spent in our farm.

The company is located a few kilometers from Naro, a town much appreciated for the architectural testimony left over the centuries by the various dominations.

The patron saint is San Calogero, whose party is held on June 18, with a traditional procession. On this occasion the statue of the saint, placed on a huge sledge called “straula”, is dragged by the faithful with ropes about 200 meters long. The route includes several streets of the city, about one kilometer, and proceeds from the Santuario di San Calogero to the mother church.

The period of the festivities begins on June 15 with the “acchianata” of the simulacrum from the cave to the Sanctuary and ends on June 25 with the so-called “ottava di  San Calogero”.

During these ten days in the city there are several processions with the simulacrum of the saint as well as artistic and cultural events. On this occasion, the main streets affected by the passage of the saint are also set up at the fair and market.

Sice 1770


The farm was founded in 1770 and thanks to a skilful renovation of the main buildings, which preferred to recover rather than rebuild, has arrived to the present day in all its splendor.

You will be welcomed in a lovingly furnished environment with specially chosen materials: traditional terracotta floor, wooden beams, antique furniture that enrich every room.

Pool and playground

Surrounded by citrus fruits, on hot summer days, you can enjoy the beautiful view from the infinity pool that thanks to its elevated position allows you to see even Mount Etna.